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Meet the Experts: Rene Petersson Shares His Thoughts, Sources, and Favorite Betting Memories

In a brand new series at WLB, we're getting into the minds of some of the smartest minds in the betting industry, asking experts to unleash their favorite resources, insights and biggest game wins, with Rene Petersson ( @ Bet_On_Value ) is next.

When did you first start betting? Can you remember your first bet?

I first started betting in the middle of 1990, around the age of 10. There were no age restrictions at the bookmakers. My friends and I have scored more than three times in the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and the Danish Super League.

I can't remember my first bet, but it was probably £ 1 10 - fold with all the favorites that weekend.

What sports or leagues do you bet and bet on?

Mostly football, but I'm not picky when it comes to leagues. I can and will bet on anything as long as I am confident that I have information that is not included in the current price.

Additional sports that I follow are basketball, tennis and hockey.

What sites or sources do you use to subscribe to them?

Lot. It is difficult to pinpoint as I usually browse, not necessarily to find a bet, but instead looking for information that could potentially be of value when choosing bets or highlighting certain matches.

Local newspapers are a goldmine for information that is not always widely available. Twitter does too, and usually monitors matches to see if anything happens that could affect the future performances of the participating teams.

Some of the largest sites I visit frequently are: Soccerway , Underestimated , Experimental 361 and General angle .

What are your favorite sites to research?

Hmm ... Probably the four I just mentioned:

What characteristics do you think are the most important?

Basic performance statistics. They paint a more accurate picture of the teams' performance compared to baseline statistics - expected goals (xG), expected goals against (xGA), expected points (xP), danger zone entries and defensive statistics, etc.

Are there any statistics or trends that you think are irrelevant?

The vast majority of statistics, with the exception of basic figures.

It doesn't matter to me how many matches the team won, how well they are at home or how often they go out / under the line. The ranking table too. Football is a low performing sport, so it is more prone to deviations. A team can win 1-0 but score a penalty or an own goal despite having 36 players in their half in 89 minutes.

Statistics as a whole do not necessarily show how a team is performing, and many more valuable data are overlooked. If they are accurate indicators of a team's strengths, they are already included in the price and therefore useless when looking for value.

Instead of watching, say, “Team X saw that they scored more than 2.5 goals in six of their last seven home games,” I'd rather turn it over to see if there is anything that contradicts this and instead gives preference to inferior

In general, basic statistics tell us little, and it is better to discard them if they are inaccurate.

What's the biggest lesson you've learned when betting?

Probably to focus more on numbers than sports. The perfect combination is knowing both in detail. Sports knowledge doesn't necessarily equate to sports betting success, but if you know enough about both of them, they can complement each other.

Why is value important in betting?

The bets are probable. If you place more often bets that are more likely to fall out than the price you have chosen, then you will be profitable in the long run.

For example. If you sit at 2.75 on an event that closed on 2, 10, you have a 75% chance of winning on the one that has a 50% chance that your bet was placed. Equal to bet 150.5%.

What advice do you have for players looking to try and find an edge?

Explore betting theories and the mathematics behind them. Google on a variety of topics, listen to podcasts, follow people to share tips, and create your own experiences. The latter is probably the most important part of betting, but also the only part that you cannot learn from others. Learn by doing and keep an open mind.

What's your biggest win rate and how will you spend it?

I had a few 150-200.00 chances over the years that increased my bank rates and partially financed the car and summer vacation.

Are you reviewing your bets and keeping track of your winners / losers?

Yes, everything is tracked in my report and with statistics to give an idea of what sports, leagues, markets, etc. I perform best.

How do you deal with losing bets?

In general, I do not react to a losing bet, but if it is a losing streak, I try to limit the number of my bets and place lower bets than usual. If this is a bad beat (playing the back line and losing to a goal in stoppage time), I prefer to hit the couch cushions.

What's the best thing about betting?

A detailed study of your hobby, personal satisfaction when the research and conclusions turn out to be correct, and the second income that this gives.


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