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This article has collected all the important data that will help you place bets on the football match "Zenith" - "Malmö" of the UEFA Champions League tournament. A wide range of information is available: odds, analysis of past games, forecast and current news.

About the event

On November 23, Group H will meet within the group stage of the Champions League 2021/2022 between the teams Zenit (Russia) and Malmo (Sweden). The venue is Malmö New Stadium. The number of places in the match is limited due to the coronavirus infection COVID-19.

Earlier, in the first round of the UEFA Champions League, which took place in St. Petersburg, Zenit beat the Swedes with a score of 4: 0, which showed a significant difference between the teams. Malmö showed aggressive play and loved to put pressure, scoring a lot of free-kicks. But the level of performers was clearly lower.

Despite the fact that the opponents will play at home, Zenit has a clear advantage in this pair. The blue-white-blue have practically lost their chances of reaching the Champions League playoffs, but there is no doubt that the St. Petersburg team will do everything possible to keep the third place in the group and a ticket to the Europa League playoffs.

The second round of the group stage will show all the chances of the representative of our country in the Champions League. Some time ago Zenit lost 0-1 to Chelsea in England. There were some interesting moments, but the brightest at the end was not used by Artyom Dzyuba.

Odds on Malmö - Zenith

Bookmakers are of the opinion that the Zenit-Malmö match will be a good Champions League match: total over 2.5 goals goes for 1.87, and total under 2.5 goals goes for 2.03. If the home team scores, the odds are 1.13. The guest goal is available from the bookmakers with the odds of 1.68. They offer bets on “both to score” at odds of 1.94.

In 5 of Zenit's last 7 home games in the Champions League and 4 previous Malmös, both teams have left the field with goals scored. So you can actually place a both-to-score bet on this odds game.

Zenit have scored first in the Champions League in 9 of their last 11 home matches. The odds for the guests to open the score in this match is 1.52.

To bet on Zenit to win this match, you can bet with odds of 2.06. Bets on Malmö's victory in the next match are offered at odds of 3.50. The odds for a draw in this match are 4.00.

Zenit striker Artem Dzyuba is the author of 14 goals (9 goals and 5 assists). Only the Hulk has more assists in the Champions League (10 goals and 8 assists). You can bet on Dziuba's goal in the upcoming match at odds of 2.05.

The Swedish team played three times with Russian clubs in all official tournaments and recorded only one victory and two losses. The probability that Malmö will not concede a goal in the upcoming match is estimated at the odds of 1.85.

If not here, then where will Zenit win the Champions League? In fact, the matches with Malmö are practically the only chance for the St. Petersburg club to earn points and compete for at least third place in the group.


The Scandinavians have no points in the group and go to the match in last place in the standings. They have already lost their chances of participating in the Champions League playoffs, but can still fight for a place in the Europa League. Malmö will remain in Group H only if there is a draw or a defeat.

If the Petersburgers do not allow defeats in the upcoming match, they will definitely not go down below 3rd place in the quartet. In case of a tie, they will retain their third place and advance to the Europa League playoffs. The possibility that Zenit will take third place is estimated at about 1. Coach Sergei Semak continues to work with a team that is in a controversial shape. Recently, the team has been able to demonstrate more organized defense on the road.

Zenit, as expected, lost in the first round to Chelsea. But, oddly enough, the Russian champion looked very dignified. In any case, it's safe to say that Chelsea had a hard time. The team were defeated by Chelsea 0-1 in the group stage match of the 1st round.

The Swedish team has problems defensively, conceding 12 goals in four Champions League matches, that is, exactly three goals per game. In turn, Malmö never managed to score, which, of course, makes the Scandinavians nervous. The future owner will finally try to score and send a nasty zero to one. We expect risky football and a goal from the Scandinavians.

In their national championship, Malmö is a fairly productive team, while Zenit regularly loses both in the Champions League and on the domestic arena. We expect activity and goals from the Swedes.

Malmo Zenith
Goalkeeper Dalin Johan Kritsyuk Stanislav
Protection Nielsen Lasse Rakitskiy Yaroslav
Brorsson Franz Dmitry Chistyakov
Ahmedhojic Anel Douglas Santos
Eile Nao Circular Danil
Midfielder Larsson Eric Alexey Sutormin
Christiansen Anders Kuzyaev Daler
Rakip Erdal Barrios Vilmar
Attack Berget Yo Azmun Serdar
Colak Antonio-Mirko Dzyuba Artem
Abubakari Malik Malcolm Filipe


What time do Malmö - Zenit play?

The start of the match is scheduled for 23:00 Moscow time.

When and where will the Zenit - Malmo match take place?

The match will take place on November 23 at Malmö New Stadium.

Результат и резюме

ФК Мальмё и ФК Зенит Санкт-Петербург закончили матч со счетом 1: 1 в рамках групповой встречи Лиги чемпионов УЕФА во вторник, 23 ноября 2021 года. Вот основные моменты матча.

Несмотря на совершенно безумную концовку сезона, Йон Даль Томассон решил начать его с действительно сильных одиннадцати игроков. Очевидно, что тренер хотел дать клубу последний шанс побороться за третье место в группе.

Мальмё начал матч хорошо. Команда полностью контролировала своих соперников, а центральное трио в составе Инносента, Пеньи и Левицки отличилось розыгрышем мяча и ведением его на поле. Конечно, индивидуальное мастерство Зенита давало о себе знать, но в целом Мальме хорошо управлял ходом игры.

После аккуратной игры в стенку с молодым Велько, Сёрен поступил так, как он обычно поступал против «ИФК Гетеборг», проталкивая мяч низом и контролируя его, и на двадцать девятой минуте счет стал 1:0.

В начале второго тайма в ворота Мальмё был назначен пенальти, который бил Дзюба, но Юхан Далин спас команду. Спустя несколько минут «Зенит» делает счет 1:1 с помощью глубокого паса в штрафную, но гол был отменен, так как мяч оказался в офсайде.

Второй тайм в целом был нервным, и виноват в этом латвийский арбитр, который явно не понимал нити игры. Активно размахивал желтыми карточками, и в итоге выгнал Чистякова на радость болельщикам Мальмё. Но затем стадион начал скандировать: «УЕФА — мафия», когда судья назначил новое пенальти в ворота Далина. Мяч пробил Ракицкий — и не промахнулся.

1 : 1. Весной «Зенит» обеспечил себе место в европейских турнирах.

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