Yulia Stolyarenko dropped out of the fight with Yulia Avila after fainting

Yulia Stolyarenko fainted while weighing

  • Significant weight loss has become a common problem in mixed martial arts.
  • Today Yulia Stolyarenko fainted on the scales while trying to gain 135 pounds.
  • The fight of Stolyarenko Yulia Avila has been officially canceled.

Weight loss is one of the most dangerous aspects of mixed martial arts. This has become more evident than ever as we weigh in tomorrow's exciting map at the Apex Center in Las Vegas. Reports have confirmed that Yulia Stolyarenko was withdrawn from the fight with Yulia Avila after losing consciousness today.

It was a disturbing scene for sports fans. Today we will discuss what led Julia to fainting. We will also discuss some of the problems that weight loss causes in MMA.

Let's get down to it!

Weight loss remains one of the biggest challenges in MMA

Weight loss and MMA have been together since the very inception of the sport. Incredibly, this is still one of the biggest challenges in mixed martial arts. The fighters continue to lose weight the day before the scheduled fight.

Most of the promotions have not changed their stance on weight loss. This continues to cause serious problems. Fighters want all the benefits they can have and are often willing to go through the spin to make certain weight classes.

Not all promotions will significantly reduce weight. The ONE Championship, for example, now runs regular hydration tests on its athletes to make sure they don't drop weight on purpose to gain an advantage. It was a great success for the largest MMA league in Asia.

Not a single fighter has died due to weight loss issues in the largest MMA promotions in the world. However, some believe that it is only a matter of time. We have seen a huge number of fighters hospitalized for weight problems.

This also led to the cancellation of many high-profile fights. Obviously, this is the last thing a promoter needs. Even some major UFC title fights have been canceled due to unsuccessful weight loss.

This weekend was another reminder of how dangerous weight loss can be. Here's what we know about Yulia Stolyarenko's fainting fit.

Overweight problems led to fainting of Yulia Stolyarenko

MMA fans are well aware of how dangerous weight loss can be. Sometimes it is impossible to hide how dangerous this activity is. So it was today, when Yulia Stolyarenko fainted on the scales at the official weigh-in of the UFC.

It was a scary scene. You can watch the footage of this incident below.

Reports state that Julia passed out for the second time after this recording. It was argued that the second was even worse than the first. She was taken to the hospital and, fortunately, nothing too serious.

This weekend, Stolyarenko was supposed to fight Julia Avila in the bantamweight division. Many fans were looking forward to this fight. Both women are aiming for a 135-pound title shot and this fight would be a good starting point to achieve that goal.

Julia Avila spoke about the situation today in her Instagram account.

“Unfortunately, my fight has been canceled. My opponent passed out twice on the scales. I hope only for a speedy recovery @ julija.stoliarenko and prayers for her. Maybe we can meet in the future. But I won't be performing tomorrow night. As always, thanks to #pandaNation for their support. I love you all. May all Julias in the world be united and healthy. @ufc @tkocombatsports "

Nobody wants to see a fighter in such a state on the scales. Unfortunately, there is no perfect solution to this problem. It will be a while before a new rule is introduced to better manage weight loss by fighters.

Most of the other fighters of tomorrow's big tournament hit the scales without any problems. Let's see what happens tomorrow!

Holland vs. Brunson Match Officially Set For Tomorrow Night

This weekend, the UFC will continue its series of incredible events by unveiling a challenging combat map at the Apex Center in Las Vegas, NV. This whole event is filled with exciting matches. The main event between Kevin Holland and Derek Brunson in particular is generating significant fan interest.

Both of these men will hit the mark in their five-round main event tomorrow. Holland lifted the scales to 183 pounds. Brunson came in at 186 pounds. With the weights marked, this fight is officially scheduled for tomorrow.

Bovada is now the best place to bet on this incredible card! This site offers amazing odds for each of the opponents fighting tomorrow night. The main event odds offer some serious cash out opportunities.

Kevin Holland became the -175 favorite. He is one of the most exciting newcomers to the sport and is now in an incredible 1st round knockout over Jacare Sousa. Many believe that he will become a contender for the title in the future, and he has the opportunity to prove it by winning this fight.

Derek Brunson faced someone from the middle division. He has remained one of the best in the sport for years and is a formidable challenge for any person he comes across. Despite the edge of experience, he enters this fight as an outsider +145.

What do you think about the fact that Yulia Stolyarenko fainted during the weigh-in? Do you think it's time for the UFC to change its weight loss policy? Let us know in the comments below.

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