Trachtenberg was discharged from hospital after coronavirus

Trachtenberg was discharged from hospital after coronavirus

Leonid Trakhtenberg, a consultant to the public relations department of Spartak, told SE that he was discharged from the hospital. He was previously diagnosed with a coronavirus.

"This afternoon I was discharged from the clinic and I'm already at home," said Trachtenberg. - It's great that this happened on the eve of tomorrow, without exaggeration, the historic derby: Spartak - Dynamo. Both the red-white and the white-blue were trained in different years by the great Beskov. We had known each other since the 60s, but we became close in a critical period for Spartak, when he had to withstand serious competition - and there were plenty of worthy contenders - in a dispute over a return to the top league. Since then, he has often accompanied the Spartak team in away matches. Moreover, sometimes, at the invitation of Konstantin Ivanovich himself, with whom, despite the noticeable difference in age, we became friends for long, long times. Now it is not difficult to imagine with what impatience and excitement I look forward to Saturday's match. And even though you may not be lucky enough to follow the game from the Opening Arena press box, I am immensely happy to defeat the coronavirus by this day and return home to the TV screen. And with my soul, as in the good old beskovskie times, mentally, with all my soul, I will be there, on the field, together with my favorite team since childhood. After all, "Spartak- my first and last love. Love at first sight!"

Let us remind you that Trakhtenberg held the post of Spartak's public relations director from 2016 to 2019. In March 2019, he resigned, after which the management of the Moscow club offered him the position of a consultant.

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