Tambov sports director Khudyakov: “The funding situation is very difficult”

Tambov sports director Khudyakov: “The funding situation is very difficult”

The sports director of Tambov, Pavel Khudyakov, said that the club is experiencing financial difficulties.

“The situation we have right now is actually not very good in terms of funding,” Khudyakov said on the air of the Football of Russia program on the Russia 24 channel. - 14 rounds of the championship have already passed, and we still have not had funding this year from the regional budget. Our situation is, of course, a bit difficult. We live off our own resources: we sold Obukhov, we connect some of our resources, they help us, we get loans. In fact, the situation is very, very difficult in terms of funding. And this, of course, is very pressing.

When we received a license, we received confirmation of funding from our regional sports committee, all this was agreed with our leaders. We hope that all this will end someday and all these problems will be resolved. We all understand the current situation in our country. The situation with the coronavirus is known and understood. I hope that all this will turn out in the near future.

Football club "Tambov" has done a lot for the image of our region, for the promotion and development of football. I don't think he deserves to be treated like this, that there will be no funding. I think that the situation will improve for sure. We hope so. I think everything will be fine soon".

Tambov is 13th in the Tinkoff RPL with 12 points in 14 matches.

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