Predictions for the Match Bournemouth - Tottenham Hotspur

Submarine little by little it finishes the season and passions run high. July 9 on a visit to Bormnut will come Tottenham... Both teams are strongly motivated to win the game. The match will definitely be interesting. 

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The hosts Dean Court stadium are in the departure area. However, only 1 point separates them from salvation. On the one hand, this is good. On the other hand, the schedule of matches may not leave a chance for the next season in the Premier League. Bournemouth are waiting for games with Manchester city, Lester, Everton and Southampton... The future is not happy, so the cherries need a victory here and now. Despite being an outsider, Bournemouth is very dangerous. 

Spurs are considered the leader of the match. But the trouble with the team is that they are unstable. The season turned out to be a disaster, and now they can fly by everyone Eurocups... Therefore, they now need to win every match in order to get for 5th place (and there now MJ is in monstrously good shape). 

In general, the teams have the same level of motivation. The class of players will decide. And at Tottenham it is much higher. Which, however, does not negate the possibility of a football miracle. The forecast for the victory of the guests P2 with kef 1.68... In addition, you can take into account the generosity of the "spurs" on goals (they score themselves, and allow the opponent) and bet on total goals.

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