Predictions for the Match Brighton - Liverpool

July 8 in Submarine it will be an extremely interesting match. Guaranteed Champion Liverpool will come to visit Brighton... And here, as always, everything is not so simple.

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"Seagulls" always perform well in their field. Moreover, Liverpool is celebrating the championship ahead of schedule, so it can play relaxed. But here you can get a tangible slap in the face. Especially considering the aggressive style of the club. You can tickle the champion - after all, the "townspeople" have already succeeded.

Liverpool is the clear favorite. The level of the game, the players, the approach of the headquarters - everything is on their side. But do not forget the rout from Manchester city... Still the gang Jurgen Klopp can risk to score goals and win a bright victory. If the club does not relax and kicks in in full, then they, as they say in boxing, “take Brighton to school”.

What to expect? Powerful game. And the champion's victories. Liverpool is a cut above Brighton. So the forecast is P2 with kef 1.61... Unless, of course, the "seagulls" repeat the miracle of the "townspeople". You should also pay attention to totals. Most likely, there will be a lot of heads

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