"The goat did it again" - Messi's frivolous theory spreads as former Barça president Bartomeu prepares for a night in custody


A conspiracy theory (not meant to be taken seriously) is on the web tonight, the focus of Lionel Messi's involvement in Josep Maria Bartomeu's arrest.

Barto is arrested

The main Spanish football news on Monday, of course, concerned Bartomeu and a number of other former members of the Barcelona board of directors.

Almost entirely out of blue, words followed online that Oscar Grau and Roman Gomez Ponti - both of whom held key roles at the Camp Nou during Bartomeu's reign - were arrested.

This was followed by a series of videos in which the Catalan police sneak into Barca's office, accompanied by members of the club's legal team:

Then came the sensational news that Blaugrana's followers had been waiting for.

Both Bartomeu, who was effectively kicked out of the Camp Nou at the end of last year, and his right-hand man, Jaume Masferrer, have joined the aforementioned Grau and Ponti in custody.

Subsequently, local police issued a statement confirming that an “investigation into alleged property and socio-economic crimes” had been initiated, which is known to be linked to last year's BarcaGate scandal.

For those who don't know, BarcaGate has surrounded Bartomeu's alleged job hiring marketing company I3 Ventures to boost his own image as well as damage the reputation of a number of high-profile players and former club directors.

& #039; Just goat stuff & #039;

Meanwhile, the latest information about the situation, which appeared not so long ago, confirmed that the Spanish businessman and Masferrer intend to spend the night in police custody:

And, as stated above, if the subsequent social media activity of Barcelona fans is anything special, then Bartomeu, unsurprisingly, does not seem to deserve much sympathy.

It comes amid the light-hearted theory of Blaugrana's star man Lionel Messi.

Over the weekend, the Argentinian was spotted signing an autograph to a local policeman.

Some, however, hint that Messi was not really just signing. Instead, a joke spread that the Barça star man was providing inside information in an attempt to support the case against Bartomeu:

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