How to choose a bookmaker: advice from a professional

How to choose an honest and reliable bookmaker to bet on sports online? What should you pay attention to? How to recognize fraudsters and not lose all the money? A player with many years of experience, Roman Litvinov, tells all the subtleties.

Many newbies fear that their first experience of betting on sports will end in failure, because there is a real risk of running into a fraudulent bookmaker. That is why it is important to know what you need to pay attention to in the first place when choosing an online bookmaker. 

Simple tips on how to choose a bookmaker will be especially useful for a beginner. So let's figure it out.


The most important criterion is the reliability of the bookmaker's office. It shows how honestly the office works and whether you can get your money if you win. How to understand that in front of you is not just another “scammer”, but a respectable bookmaker?

To start, you need to study the reviews of regular players and, if possible, the rating of this bookmaker. The better the reviews, the more reliable the office and the higher the likelihood of winning and leaving with the money. For example, 1xBet reviews can be found in the public domain, there are a huge number of them, because 1xBet services are used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. It is worth playing with caution on those sites where there are no reviews for the bookmaker. 

always check that the bookmer has a license!

You should not contact and place bets in one-day offices. Reputation, reviews and work experience are very important indicators. A reliable office cannot become immediately after the start of work, it needs time to get back on its feet. Even bright promotions and huge bonuses do not guarantee fair play.

Be sure to check the availability of an official license from your bookmaker! At reliable and honest bookmakers on the site, you will always find all the legal information: the license number and the name of the authority that issued it. 

Event line and odds

Another important factor when choosing an office is the sports line on the bookmaker's website. What is the line of events at bookmakers? This is the selection of sports events that you can bet on. Good bookmakers regularly have new events and offers. For example, the 1xBet line offers more than 30 sports, including all major tournaments and competitions (Europa League, Euro 2020, World Championship, etc.). Also in 1xBet you can find events from the world of politics, show business and more.

List of events - a list of events on which players can place bets. For each event, betting options and corresponding odds are offered. For example, the odds for a home win in W1 will be 2.2, for a draw - 3.2, and at W2 it will be 3.6.


Once you've decided on the bookmaker you want to use, it's time to find out how their customer service is doing. Bookmakers who do a good job of customer support should be able to provide you with great service if you need it. Some bookmakers may charge you for a customer service call or email, but some have customer support teams that you can reach by phone, live chat, or just visit the website. You should switch to a different bookmaker if you are unable or unwilling to contact anyone at their customer service. Poor customer service can be the deciding factor between losing money and making money.

Payments and replenishment of deposits

Check out the actions of different bookmakers for refunds. How many refund requests has the bookmaker received in the last year? Which ones were provided? This is important because you do not want to end up paying for a refund because the bookmaker cannot provide quality service. It also shows the user support that the bookmaker receives. You should look elsewhere if the bookmaker does not provide good customer support or requires too many refund requests.

Mobile version and app

A good bookmaker always cares about the convenience of the players. Therefore, such offices always have a mobile application to place bets on sports online from a phone or tablet. Before choosing a bookmaker, check if the application is adapted to your phone. An important condition is that it must be installed free of charge on all models of phones for Android / iOS / Windows Phone and a regular phone. 1xBet can be downloaded to absolutely any device quickly and safely. Try it!

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are the main feature of bookmakers. Companies even compete with each other, offering the most convenient and pleasant bonuses and promotions. But be careful: always read the terms of use of EACH bonus, otherwise you may lose your winnings. 


How to choose the best bookmaker?

So, here are the main criteria that are extremely important when choosing a bookmaker:

  • Is the bookmaker reliable: license availability, age and reputation of the company, check reviews.
  • What the bookmaker offers: line and line-up (are there enough sporting events for you), high odds.
  • Payments: how to replenish an account and withdraw money, is there a commission for monetary transactions, how quickly winnings are withdrawn.
  • As for mobility: is there a mobile version of the site and is it convenient to use, is there an application for your smartphone / tablet.
  • The choice of bonuses and promotions: the availability of regular bonuses and promotions and the conditions for their use.
  • And everything else: does the site have a version in your language, does the support service help you.

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