Houston Rockets Lose 20 Times As Dort Snorts Wall In A Winning Basket

Houston Rockets Eric Gordon 3 Points

  • Lou Dort's block on John Wall kept the OKC Thunder 114-112 victorious.
  • The defeat marked Houston's 20th consecutive loss, the 9th longest losing streak in NBA history.
  • Houston has eight losses from the longest losing steak in NBA history and six from a record in a single season.

Houston, we have a problem, and a serious one.

The Rockets lost Sunday at Toyota Center, 114-112 in the Oklahoma City Thunder. It was another setback for the Rockets, who have not won a game since February 4 in Memphis.

It's hard to remember that the Rockets started the post-James Harden era by winning eight of their first 12 games, and in that time have a six-win streak. But after big Christian Wood suffered an ankle injury against the Memphis Grizzlies, the Rockets haven't won a single game.

Woods missed 17 straight games that coincided with the start of the Rockets' losing streak. John Wall missed five games during this period due to a knee injury, while Victor Oladipo also missed nine games during this period. Wood returned to play, but in their first three games back, the Rockets were still struggling to break out of the streak.

Dort Foyles Rockets

Sunday's game was a great opportunity. The Thunder entered the game with a 17-24 record, and they played without their best player Shai Gilgeus-Alexander. Behind Wood, Oladipo and Wall, the Rockets took a 110-109 lead with three minutes remaining for the chance to win the game, leaving their last possession. But Lou Dort blocked Wall's layup with nine seconds left to cement Thunder's victory.

It was good to see the Rockets didn’t live to see the victory over OKC, but there are no moral victories here. After losing, the Rockets have dropped to 11-30 of the season and even worse, they are no longer the proud owners of the 9th longest losing streak in NBA history.

After the game, head coach Steven Silas could not find words during the post-match interview. Silas's body language was similar to that of a vanquished, which was not encouraging for the Rockets. But who can blame him? He took the job thinking he was going to coach two former MVPs, only to see them both change one after the other.

Rockets hit the bottom

It is now clear that the Rockets have hit rockets, but it's not the end of the world yet. The good news for Houston, if you want to call it that, is that they have six or seven games, whichever you think is worse, to end this dubious streak before making it to the record books. I want to.

The Philadelphia 76ers have the longest winning streak in NBA history of 28 games in the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons. On the other hand, the Sixers 2013/14 and Cleveland Cavaliers 2010/11 have the longest losing streak in a single season with 26 games.

In the next five games, Houston will play against opponents with a win percentage below 0.500. Two of these games are played against the league's worst players, the Minnesota Timberwolves, who are 1.5 games ahead of the Rockets in the race for the worst record in the NBA. Their next game will be on Monday and will be up against the 17-24 Toronto Raptors, so the Rockets have some “winning” games ahead to end this losing streak. But in fact, that's another story.

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