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Sports betting is a hobby for true sports connoisseurs. And you can make good money on this hobby. If you are new to the world of online betting and betting at all, then it is important to understand all the intricacies. We will tell you how to bet on sports on 1xBet and even win some money on it.

Official site
1xBet official site

Types of Bets on 1xBet

On the 1xBet official website, you can find a wide variety of online betting options. Here you can find:

  • Single bet (single) is a bet on a separate outcome of an event. A single bet win is equal to the product of the bet amount by the odds set for this outcome.
  • Express is a bet on several independent outcomes of events. The winning on the express is equal to the product of the bet amount by the odds of all the outcomes included in the express. Losing one of the outcomes of the express train means losing the entire express.
  • Chain is a set of single bets (single bets), consisting of events independent of each other. The amount of the bet for each single is equal to the amount of the chain.
  • System is a bet on a full combination of express bets of a certain size from a pre-selected number of events.
  • Multi-bet is a betting system made up of express or single bets.
  • Conditional rate is a set of bets (single or multi bets), consisting of events independent of each other.

Sports bets on 1xBet can be made both on the total score (on the winner) and various statistical indicators (penalties, fouls, corners, etc.) Tote is also available on both the website and application.

What is a Handicap in 1xBet Betting

A handicap on 1xBet is a bet on the victory of one of the opponents, taking into account the margin or, conversely, a deduction by goals, points or statistical rates.

Handicaps on 1xBet are found in the lines of many popular sports. For example, in football you can bet on goals in a period, penalty time, shots on target, etc.

Handicap in 1xBet
Handicap in 1xBet

The handicap on 1xBet can be negative, positive and zero.

  • The negative handicap is relevant for bets on favorites, when the bettor wants to increase the odds on a win by betting on a win with an advantage.
  • A positive handicap works exactly the opposite: you bet on an outsider who will win if you add the number indicated in the handicap.
  • Zero handicap is a bet on a win, but with the possibility of returning in case of a draw. 

How to Bet on 1xBet

In order to place a bet at 1xBet, you should:

  • Go to the official website or application and go to the sport or event of interest (Line or Live).
  • A line with suggested odds will open in the center. To add a bet, click on corresponding odds.
  • If there are several events in the coupon, then select the type of bet: Express, System or Chain (above we wrote about it in detail).
  • Enter the stake amount.
  • Click on the Place a Bet button.
  • A pop-up window will show information on the acceptance of the bet. When a bet is accepted, the bet amount is immediately debited from the account.
  • If you win, the funds are credited to your account automatically, immediately after the calculation of the bet.
How to place a 1xBet
How to bet on sports 1xBet

The picture above shows an example where we make a single bet on the victory of the Suwon team with the odds of 2.92. The stake is €100 (potential winnings of 2.92 x 100 = €292). You can also immediately enter a promotional code, if available, and then click on the Place a bet button.

Basic Rules for Sports Betting

In the world of online betting, it is important to know some of the rules of the game, especially if you are a beginner. Some of these rules and principles are:

  • Consider 1xBet sports betting as entertainment, not as a way to make money.
  • Allocate the amount that you are willing to lose. Do not borrow or spend money set aside for important purposes.
  • Choose a reliable and honest bookmaker: study reviews like ours, where all the pros and cons of a particular bookmaker are described, and also look reviews and comments.
  • Learn the theory and terminology of online betting to understand the types and types of bets.
  • Don't bet on everything, analyze events and outcomes.

These simple rules will help you not to lose your money.

1xBet and 1xStavka are not the Same

The appearance of the gambling sites 1xBet and 1xStavka are so similar that many people, including experienced players, often confuse them. Let's figure it out together.

So, 1xStavka is a Russian bookmaker that is licensed by the Federal Tax Service for gambling. 1xBet is an international bookmaker licensed from Curacao.

Unfortunately, the entrance to the 1xBet website is blocked sometimes, so you have to look for workarounds. For example, you can go to 1xBet mirror or turn on a VPN. Whereas you can enter the website only from the territory of Russia.

In fact, apart from the visual similarity of the platforms of these two different bookmaker companies, they generally do not have much in common. They have different registration methods (1xBet has more ways to create an account), completely different bonus programs, as well as several more ways to deposit and withdraw money on the 1xBet com website.

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