Goias defeated Botafogo at home

Goias defeated Botafogo at home

Goias beat Botafogo 2: 0 in the 36th round of the Brazilian Championship.

Distinguished themselves Moura Raphael and Fernandan. At the 83rd minute of the meeting, the guests were left with ten men after Kanu was sent off.

After this match, "Goias" with 36 points was on the 18th line, "Botafogo" with 24 points - on the 20th line.

Live broadcasts of the Brazilian soccer championship can be viewed on the SE website, as well as on the Wink and More TV video services.

Brazil. Serie A

36th round

Goias - Botafogo - 2: 0 (1: 0)

Goals: Moura Rafael, 8 (1: 0). Fernandan, 64 (2: 0).

Goias: Rangel, Sanchez, Aaron, Jefferson, Enrique Lordelu, Shailon, Brenu (Ariel Cabral, 90 + 2), Miguel Figueira (Mendonça, 59), Moura Raphael (Baggio, 90 + 2), Fernandan (Daniel de Pauli, 86), Lopez (India, 86).

Botafogo: Diego, Kevin, Benevenuta, Kanu, David, Uh-huh (Mateus Babi, 65), Navarro, Kayu Alexandre, Kaike (Varley, 46), Nascimenta (Nazariu, 76), Sesinha (Louise Otaviu, 46).

Warnings: David, 23. Eron, 28. Kaike, 34. Caillou Alexandre, 39. Miguel Figueira, 51. India, 86. Brenou, 87.

Removal: Kanu, 83.

Judge: Fernandez de Lima (Brazil).

February 13. Goiania. Stadium "da Serrigna".

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