Dennis Schroeder wants to stay in Los Angeles, but ...

Dennis Schroeder Lakers Background

  • Dennis Schroeder says he wants to stay Laker for a long time.
  • However, the 27-year-old defender says he wants the Lakers renewal offer to be "fair."
  • On February 16, Schroeder won the right to perform a four-year album worth $ 83.3 million.

The Los Angeles Lakers took a bold move to trade for Dennis Schroeder in the offseason. Los Angeles lost to veteran shooter Danny Green and a first-round draft pick for the talented point guard. But Schroeder's contract is running out, and while Los Angeles has the rights to the bird, there is still a chance he will leave in free choice.

Los Angeles' bid for title retention got a big boost with the addition of Schroeder. However, the Lakers weren't just looking at the present when they handed in Schroeder. The Lakers wanted a longtime point guard starter to run Lake Show when LeBron James finally ceded the throne. However, to do this, the Lakers need to re-sign Schroeder for a new deal, which they have not yet been able to do.

Despite this, Schroeder reiterated that he wants to stay in Los Angeles and that he wants to play for the Lakers "for a long time," but there is a catch. Per Schroeder:

Fair can be a very vague word. But in the case of Schroeder, let's see where he stands:

Schroeder rejects the first proposal for an extension

Last December, the Lakers offered Schroeder a two-year $ 33.4 million deal for the first time, the maximum amount Los Angeles could offer him through February 16 in the CBA league. Of course, Schroeder declined, as he was expected to wait until February 16 for the Lakers to offer him a longer and better deal.

With the restrictions no longer in effect from February 16, Schroeder is now eligible for a 20% promotion next season and an 8% promotion in each of the following years. That would mean a four-year extension of $ 83.3 million, which is roughly $ 20.7 million a year, but February has passed and the Lakers and Schroeder have not reached an agreement or announced progress in their discussions.

Nothing was heard from both camps, except that Schroeder bought a house in Los Angeles after the Feb.16 shutdown. That was enough to make the Lakers loyalists sigh of relief. However, Schroeder's statement “I just want it to be fair” on Tuesday gave Purple and Gold supporters cause for concern again. But should they?

Keeping the team as competitive as possible

Earlier this month, Lakers owner Ginny Bass talked about keeping the Lakers as competitive as possible while LeBron James is still on the team and playing at a high level. While Bass didn't say it bluntly, she did talk about the luxury tax imposed on teams aspiring to the championship. And during that interview on ESPN First Take, she said the Lakers are at the top of the championship talk.

On the best NBA Lakers betting sites, chances are the favorites will become champions. While the Brooklyn Nets are relentlessly cutting the betting board and teams like the Jazz and Suns grappling with a commanding position, there's no question that if they're healthy at 100%, the Lakers are still a team to beat when it is important. most during the playoffs.

The creation of a championship comes at a cost. Putting together is even more expensive. But with the Lakers "very likely" willing to provide LeBron James with the supporting cast he needs to bring another trophy Larry O & #039; Brian to the City of Angels, there's no reason they can't give Dennis Schroeder a fair deal, in his opinion. he deserves. If not soon, then in the offseason as a free agent.

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