Atlanta Hawks - 8-0 since Nate McMillan took over as head coach

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  • The Atlanta Hawks beat the Los Angeles Lakers 99-94 on Saturday afternoon.
  • Atlanta have won eight games in a row and have not lost since Nate McMillan became head coach.
  • The Hawks have the second best chance of winning in the Southeast Division at +325.

Don't watch now, but the Atlanta Hawks turned the season around. Atlanta has heard some criticism since the firing of head coach Lloyd Pierce earlier this month, but the move has paid off.

Atlanta hasn't lost a game since Pierce was fired and they climbed the playoff ladder. On Saturday, the Hawks took advantage of LeBron James's injury to secure a surprise 99-94 win over reigning NBA champions the Los Angeles Lakers.

8-0 under Nate McMillan

After beating the Lakers on Saturday, the Hawks have the longest winning streak in the NBA to date, with 8 games. This streak coincides with the appointment of Nate McMillan as head coach of Vice President Lloyd Pierce.

Against the Lakers, the Hawks won despite playing without De & #039; Andre Hunter, Cam Reddish and Chris Dunn. John Collins led Atlanta with 27 points and 16 rebounds while shooting 11-15. Collins has averaged 20.8 points and 8.9 rebounds per game in his last 10 games. Meanwhile, Atlanta are 9-3 since Tony Snell became a starting lineup. Snell averages 7.7 points with an accuracy of 57.6% for the city center.

Macmillan turned the Hawks over in such a short amount of time. Atlanta has an attack rating of 114.7 points per 100 possessions and a defense rating of 114.8 points per 100 possessions with a true shooting percentage of 57% in 34 games under Lloyd Pierce this season. In the last eight games, the Hawks' attacking rating has skyrocketed to
120.5, while their defense rating improved to 107.3 points. What was their true shooting percentage during this period? Impressive 61.1%.

Hawks 2021 Odds

The Hawks have the second best chance of winning in the Southeast Division at +325, behind the Miami Heat preferred at -225. in the BetOnline app. But right now, the Hawks have caught up with Miami in the team competition, 22-20, and both tied for fourth in the East. This is impressive considering that Atlana is only 8th most likely to win in the Eastern Conference with +4000.

But while the Hawks can be proud of their accomplishments under Macmillan's leadership, they definitely can't stop there. The Boston Celtics, seeded in 8th place, lost just 1.5 games when they didn't. Teams 9 and 10 of the Indiana Pacers and Toronto Raptors are just three games back.

Atlanta are ranked 14th on the league's toughest remaining games with 30 rivals ahead of them with a .498 win percentage. The Hawks still have a couple of games with the powerful Eastern Conference teams Philadelphia and Milwaukee. They also have two more games against the Phoenix Suns. But if they keep the focus they have right now, the Hakws should be one of the teams vying for the bottom 4 playoff spots in the East.

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