The administration of the Tambov region explained why it cannot cover the debts of "Tambov"

The administration of the Tambov region explained why it cannot cover the debts of "Tambov"

The head of the department for physical culture and sports of the Tambov region, Mikhail Belousov, in an interview with "SE" commented on the financial situation of "Tambov".

“The club decides for itself which continuation it will have. It is not a structural subdivision of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports, - explained Belousov "SE". - The region is not able to help cover the club's debts - this is legally impossible. All the money that the club was supposed to receive from the region in the 2019/20 season, he received. This budget was developed by the club itself. But the club ends up with debts, unfounded debts. And an organization that is in debt cannot receive budgetary support. Closing existing debts is the club's business. "

(Konstantin Kolmakov)

As it became known to "SE" earlier, the governor of the Tambov region Alexander Nikitin did not react for a week to the RFU's proposal to allocate 150-200 million rubles to the club under the documented guarantees of the regional authorities that the same amount will be invested in the development of youth football in the coming years in the subject of the Russian Federation. Then Nikitin got in touch and promised to think about it. At the same time, our sources familiar with the situation claim that the leadership of the RFU and RPL are already preparing for the worst scenario - there is almost no faith in the governor's positive response.

Today, February 18, it was reported that Tambov may withdraw from the RPL and BETCITY of the Russian Football Cup.

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